About Clear Lighting and Energy

Mike Leptich

Mission Statement

Clear Lighting and Energy is committed to helping our partners lower operating costs through energy conservation. We will use emerging lighting and controls technology to meet each partner’s objectives, budget and environment. It is our duty to understand your needs and goals, educate you on the options, and design and adopt the best energy saving solution.

Who We Are

Clear Lighting and Energy is a family business founded in 2010 by Mike Leptich, a warehouse products sales professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. The company arose from the demand of Mike’s existing warehousing customers to become energy efficient. Seeing a niche, Mike created Clear Lighting and Energy and developed a consultative approach to helping his customers realize their needs. He identified an emerging powerhouse in energy efficient lighting and controls technology, Light Corp and created a partnership with them. Light Corp manufactures the SEMAPHORE, CONTRACTOR and BAYLITE series of industrial lighting and has created the Kanepi Wireless Controls energy management system. This combined force has enabled Clear Lighting and Energy to offer the most dynamic product line in the industry to their partners.



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